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The most

important Horn


Naturhorn B-Horn
Pictured here are the 11 most important horn models. Actually there are over 300 possible variations. All triple horns are also available with a stopping valve. 4 different metal alloys, 4 bell sizes, screw bell, bell wreath, handhammered bell, etc., multiply the possibilities. Please read the information on page 2 and on our website about „bells“.

Historical hand horn

modeled after Ignaz Lorenz from Linz, Austria.
 It has a very well proportioned bore, (11,2mm in the cylindrical part), speaks very clearly, is well in tune and has a particularly beautifui sound. It has a weight of 1.000g. (2.2 Ibs.) with the Eb crook.

For playing together with modern instruments, the Cor Solo version of Engelbert Schmid, with the fixed mouthpipe and the 12,0mm bore, is recommended.
A Baroque Horn is also available.

See extra page about natural horns!

Bb horn with A-stopping valve

You can play jusc about everything on this light and extremely responsive instrument, which is the reason why some top horn players choose this instrument. The distribution of length is almost identical with that of the double horn, so it is easy to switch back and forth. One water key is recommended. 1.700g

Hoch F
Bb/high F horn with A-stopping valve

Indispensable for certain pieces. The long mouthpipe and bell branch make the Bb side comparable to that of a double horn. This is also an advantage for the high F horn, so that you will feel very comfortable on this horn. Two water keys are recommended. 2.050g.

Bb /high Eb horn with A-stopping valve

Actually it is more logical to go up a fourth from Bb. Intonation, fingerings and sound are more alike than the combination with high F. The length of the high Eb horn makes a full length bell branch possible and the mouthpipe is actually longer than that of a double horn. Three water keys are recommended. 2 100g.

High F Horn,

changeable to E, Eb , and D, srnall bell size. With a shallow or semi-shallow mouthpiece it is well in tune in all registers while still sounding like a horn. It sits in the hand like a normal horn and fits in a regular case. One water key is recommended.

Full double horn F/Bb

The basic piece of equipment for the professional, perfect in its playing qualities and aesthetics.
A particularly noble sound, smooth but with great dynamic range. As flexible and agile as a woodwind Instrument. Has a very good feel to it, with smooth valve slurs, and a very secure high range.
Changeable from F/Bb to Bb/F. One or two water keys are recommended. 2.150g.


Full double horn B h /F with A-stopping valve

Same qualities as the normal double horn. The stopping valve can prevent unpleasant surprises, especially in everyday opera life. Despite the stopping valve it is very beautiful optically. Because of the exactness of the valves there is no noticeable acoustical disadvantage compared to the double horn without stopping valve. One or two water keys recommended. 2.350g.


Compensating triple horn F/Bb /high F

A triple horn, but lighter than a normal double horn. A good Bb side, a full sounding high F side, and a surprisingly good low F horn. It has everything you need. For those who miss a stopping valve it is recommended to transpose down a half step in the middle and low range on the low F horn, and down a whole step on the high F horn in the upper register. Two water keys are recommended. 2.250g.
Compensating triple horn F/B b/high Eb

Lighter than a normal double horn, the Bb side fully comparable to that of a double horn, and the switch to high Eb without a change in sound, (when you change from Bb 0 to high Eb 2/3, the Instrument is only shortened a half step). A surprisingly good combined low F horn.
Because of the correct placement of the recommended four water keys, they cause no acoustical disadvantage. 2.300g.

Full triple horn F/Bb/high F.

The best selling triple horn, incomparably light weight, it is lighter than a normal double horn with stopping valve. A well rounded high F horn, a smooth, romantic sounding Bb horn, and a Full sounding low F horn. All three sides are very well in tune and speak securely. The cylinder of the triple valve weighs less than a customary double cylinder, and this is evident in the quickness of the valves. Slurs using the thumb valves are just as good as those with the main valves. Two or three water keys recommended. 2.600 g

Full triple horn F/B b /high Eb .

The advantages of high Eb are explained under the other high Eb models. Lighter than a normal double horn with stopping valve. This model most closely fulfills the sound conception of the double horn player. Even the colleague next to you won't be able to teil if you've played on the Bb or high Eb side. A Full forte sound is possible on the high Eb horn and it gives you the necessary security up into the highest range. The Full low F horn is good enough even for low horn players. 3 or 4 water keys recommended. 2650g.

  All triple horns are set in B-flat/F. For F/B-flat you will need to specify that when ordering. This is not recommended because of the difficulty with fingerings.


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